Hotel Leipzig

Hotel Leipzig is located in the center of Plovdiv, close to Bunardjik. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the sights and cultural center in the heart of the city – the Alyosha monument, the Old Town, many art galleries, the International Plovdiv Fair, and the Main Street. Most of the administrative buildings of many of the institutions are located nearby. The excellent location in the center of Plovdiv is an advantage for hotel guests – they quickly reach all these places of entertainment and save valuable time for more fun.


Luxurious and extravagant interior, combined with panoramic views from the heart of the most ancient city in Europe. Hotel Leipzig offers its guests apartments and rooms with impressive décor and amenities, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the bustling city.

Apartments and rooms:

Restaurants and bars

Whether you are looking for peace and privacy for your business dinner or a noisy party for your celebration, the restaurant of the Hotel Leipzig has four halls, each of which has a unique and inimitable atmosphere. Culinary specialties and exquisite drinks caress the senses of every visitor.

Restaurants and bars


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